Welcome to our journey! The decision for us to adopt a child from China has been one of the most exciting things that we have done! We had no idea that a child half a world away could already be in our hearts....this is our journey to bring him home.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We got it!!!  LOA (Letter of Approval)!!!!  We got the call this morning and a huge weight has been lifted!!  We are super excited about this because this is a really big hurdle!! I feel like we are that much closer to getting our little guy.....hang on will be with your family very soon!! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas is on it's way......

and boy am I not ready!!!  All of the Black Friday shopping and Cyber Monday shopping and I still have to buy one present!  Normally I have some things by this time but it seems like I am a little pre-occupied this year!  I will get going on the shopping end though and how I wish that Bret could be here with our family this Christmas!  He won't be here this Christmas but he will be in our thoughts and hearts as we wait to go and bring him home.  I hope that he knows that we are trying to come and get him and I hope that he knows how much he is already loved!  I had a dear woman that is traveling to get her daughter this week from the same orphanage as Bret and she offered to bring him a gift from us if we wanted to send one along with them!  I jumped on the chance!  I hope that she knows how much this means to us!! Thank you Kendra!!! You are awesome!!!
Now off to look online to (hopefully) find some cyber deals today!  BTW.....we are on day 63 for our LOA.....too long for us!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Don't hold my breath??

You are kidding right??  The lady from my adoption agency told me over a  week ago that our dossier had "been reviewed" in China and that we can expect our LOA (letter of acceptance) any time......but.....don't hold your breath because China is slow!!  Wow!  The fact that we have been holding our breath at every turn of this adventure is nothing new but hearing it was a little cold to me!  It seems as though every process has been a struggle for us starting with our Home Study taking 6 months....and now I am not supposed to hold my breath?  Well sorry sister.....I might pass out if I don't get a call soon!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Keeping our fingers crossed!!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that we get our LOA this week possibly!   Our agency told us that our dossier has been reviewed and that we could possibly get it in a week or so....and that was last week!  We are hoping that China is going to send a bunch of LOA's  out this week and we want to be in that bunch!!  Getting your LOA is a huge deal meaning that after that there are only a few other things that we need to do before we get out TA (travel approval).

We will definitely post the minute we do get it!!  Or at least after I pick myself up off the floor!!! :)