Welcome to our journey! The decision for us to adopt a child from China has been one of the most exciting things that we have done! We had no idea that a child half a world away could already be in our hearts....this is our journey to bring him home.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finally!! We have our final meeting!

We finally got our final meeting scheduled for our Home Study!! It is on Tuesday (Mar.1)!!  I know it probably doesn't seem like a long time but we started the Home Study process in early October!!  From reading other blogs and forums....4 months is a long time for this to be over!   Now to finish getting all the paperwork together for our dossier and we will be sending it off to China!  This is where patience will come in handy......and patience does not come easy for me!  I will take this time to start getting things ready for our child when they come home!  It really would be nice to know if it will be a girl or boy and what age they will be.  Shopping would be alot easier!  We will just have to buy the things that we know we will be able to use and save the rest until we get a referral!!

Will definitely update after the meeting on Tuesday!  Hopefully I will have all kinds of good news!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The waiting continues.....but lots to do still!

Thought that I would check in!  We are still waiting but there is always something to do!  Today I have to get my 2 dogs (1 very large greyhound and a small silkypoo) updated on their shots and then run the papers to our Home Study social workers.  After that I am going to run Michael to get his passport pictures taken so that we can go and get our passports taken care of tomorrow!  I got a phone call from the crime lab at our local police department today.  He needed to know a little information about our request for a criminal background check that we need from our city police.  He joked that he would put in lots of printer paper just in case it was extensive!  I think that we will do alright! We are trying to keep busy and get all the paperwork done!  Our weather has been wonderful this weekend and by this next Thursday they are calling for almost 60 degrees....not bad for February in Iowa!!

Everyone take care and we will definitely keep posting as we go along!!