Welcome to our journey! The decision for us to adopt a child from China has been one of the most exciting things that we have done! We had no idea that a child half a world away could already be in our hearts....this is our journey to bring him home.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moving right along!!

We did receive our approval from the NVC(National Visa Center) and we even got our letter emailed to us! Seems like it is like pulling teeth for some people to get their letters so we are glad! I have no idea why it would not be the same for everyone!
The next step is that a representative from our agency in China will be taking our documents and submitting them to the ACS next week on Tuesday (Jan. 31,2012). Our agent said that he would be able to give us an idea on the dates that we might be looking at for travel! YES.....I said TRAVEL!!! It has been a long road and to even think that we might be traveling in the next while is very exciting!! Almost overwhelming!! But looking so forward to finally going to get our little man! If possible before we go I am hoping that our agency will be able to ask for one final update on Bret, even if it is just measurements so that we can make sure that we can bring along the right size clothes!
More updates soon!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Got our I-800 approval......finally!!

We finally got our I-800 approval today!  We sent in our forms on November 30, 2011 and finally got it!  It should never take that long but we are happy that we got it.  Now....on to the NVC (National Visa Center).  We do hope that this part of the process will be alot smoother.  Now we have to wait for an email from the NVC telling us that they received our I-800 approval.....Please nice officer send it in right away so that we can keep this moving along!!  I am still hoping that we can travel in March....and I am sticking to it!! :)