Welcome to our journey! The decision for us to adopt a child from China has been one of the most exciting things that we have done! We had no idea that a child half a world away could already be in our hearts....this is our journey to bring him home.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City

Today we got up early to go and do some sightseeing.  We first went to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.  So much history and it was so beautiful!  Because it was a Saturday and the start of tourist season here it was packed with people.....mostly asian but quite a few other nationalities too!  Our Guides Tim and Amy are the best here!   They are both so nice and helpful and very informative.  Tim was full of all kinds of facts and talked a mile a minute :)

After we were finished walking around here Amy and Tim took us to a great lunch.  It was served family style on a large lazy susan in the middle of the table.....very delicious food!

After that we went to The Great Wall of China and it was awesome to see! We went to the Juyongguan section.  The last part was very steep!  I chose not to go that part but Gary and Michael did it!  We were all very tired when we got back to our room so we just chilled and watched a movie.....but all fell asleep in 5 minutes :)

Tomorrow we will have to get up at 5 am so that we can meet out guide in the lobby at 6 to fly to our son's province.  We will be meeting him Monday morning!!   Here are some pictures from today.


Martha Bonneau said...

It does look so much more crowded than when we were there! Can't wait to see your son finally in your arms!!

Johanna said...

Brings back memories!!!!! You're so close!!!!

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