Welcome to our journey! The decision for us to adopt a child from China has been one of the most exciting things that we have done! We had no idea that a child half a world away could already be in our hearts....this is our journey to bring him home.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Guangzhou, China

We have been doing some sightseeing in Guangzhou....our guide Simon keeps us very busy.  We went to a park not too far from our hotel to look at all the new construction and very unique buildings.  The weather here hovers around 80 degrees and is awesome.  There are very beautiful trees and foliage everywhere as they are sub-tropic.

Today we went to another is a very lovely park where lots of people come to walk and dance and play hacky sack.  We could learn alot from the people here.....they keep very active and take good care of themselves.  There were men and women playing hacky sack that were in their 60's and 70's!!

We then went to a market where there were many shops.  We stopped at the pearl market where there are all kinds of pearls and freshwater pearls.  Our trip is winding down to the last 5 days before we leave for Hong Kong on Friday so that we can fly out Saturday morning for Detroit on to Omaha.

Here are some of the pictures of things that we have seen in the last couple of days.

 Men hanging from our hotel cleaning it with brushes!
 Guangzhou statue of the Goats representing Gruangzhou.

 People playing hacky sack in the park.
 Several layers of shops in this mall where the pearl market is in.


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